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 Harmony Pilates is closed while Prue is on maternity leave until late 2016. Enquiries are welcome from October 2016.

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What is Pilates?

The Pilates method of exercise was developed by Joseph Hubert Pilates in the first half of the 20th century. Over the past seventy years, the method has evolved from a vigorous, unchanging exercise routine to a modified and gentler approach to suit the modern body.

Today, modern Pilates is a form of exercise that uses floor exercises and the use of equipment (Reformer, Trap Table, Small apparatus). The method is a combination of mobility (stretching) and stability (strengthening) exercises, concentrating on creating equilibrium in the body to prevent injury and postural issues. Pilates can also be used as rehabilitation for specific injuries and pathologies.

All sessions at Harmony Pilates have a maximum of two clients per session. Each client's program is individually tailored to suit their needs and goals.


The benefits of practising the modern Pilates method regularly include;

Muscle toning and improved flexibility
Improved posture
Stress relief
Improved bladder control
Decreased pain from postural deviations or muscle imbalance
Increased sense of well being

Personalised programs created by Harmony Pilates also offer;

Post acute injury specific rehabilitation; joint and muscle injuries, overuse injuries, disc herniations and conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis
Postural correction
Pre and post natal conditioning and pelvic instability


Gaby; Professional seamstress and designer

"I started Pilates because I was hoping to increase my fitness and mobility, and also to take care of back problems due to the nature of my work. I found Pilates to help my pain levels considerably, and as well as building strength during class, I am also now armed with a number of exercises I can do throughout the day to keep the stiffness at bay and my posture strong. I always feel energised after class, and when my body is at its best my mind is also stronger. Pilates has been a great benefit to my day to day life."

Andrea; Professional Belly Dancer

"I had been experiencing pain in my left hip, close to the coccyx, for about 4 years. I had been seeing an osteopath intermittently and also doing yoga semi-regularly throughout that period. I am a Belly dance teacher and performer so I was not prepared to stop doing physical activity and on some occasions this no doubt exacerbated the problem and the pain.
I was sceptical about Pilates at first because I didn't understand how it could be different to my other "treatments". My osteo recommended it so I thought I'd give it a try. The initial consultation was excellent and thorough and I was referred to see a particular chiropractor for a correct diagnosis of the issue. I was impressed at the determination of the Pilates instructor, Prue, to find the root of the problem, before creating a program for me. Once the pain was diagnosed (sacro-illiac joint dysfunction also known as pelvic instability) Prue created a personalised program for me which, over time, reduced my pain drastically. For the first time in a LONG time I wasn't waking up crippled with stiffness and soreness in the morning and everyday activities like reaching for things on the shelf or getting out of the car became hassle-free. I also just feel stronger in general. And, I like the weekly routine of my session, knowing that it is helping me throughout the week.  Prue has been totally on the ball (excuse the pun!) and errs on the side of caution which is a great thing. I totally recommend Pilates."